Especially created for owners letting.  Let us be your eyes and ears.  We will take care of your property the way you would.


Upon an arrival we prepare the unit for the client:

  • Check to make sure water en electricity is switched on
  • Washing window
  • Switching geysers and fridges on where applicable
  • Mop & shine
  • Make beds
  • Place a toilet roll per bathroom
  • Place a deo block per bathroom
  • Place 1 black bag in the dustbin


Upon departure we:

  • Spring clean the unit/house
  • Clean stove/oven, fridge/freezer (defrost) 
  • Clean the braai area
  • Remove laundry and take it to Bella Bella Laundromat
  • Properly dispose of refuse
  • Check the inventory
  • Write a breakage report (broken items, missing items, replaced items and maintenance to be done)
  • Replace standard light bulbs, glasses, cutlery
  • Check the unit for mold and ants
  • Place camphor blocks in unit to chase gecko's away
  • Switch of geyser and fridges where applicable

Please note:

  1. Arrival/departures are one service.  
  2. Due to the high moisture levels in the air we recommend that all TV be left switched on and muted when the unit is not used.  This will prolong the life span of the applience.