We do: Arrival Services, Departure Services, Same day Arrival/Departure Services, Daily Maid Services, Spring Cleaning / Deep Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Pre and Post Occupation Cleaning and most Other Cleaning.
We Clean: Homes, Flats, Units, Shops, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Factories, Offices, Venues, Newly Built Homes and Flats, Ect.

Our Cleaning Services entail the following:

Our specialized services include; cleaning, deodorising and sanitising of your house or unit and includes the following: 
• Spot cleaning of all walls when necessary 
• Cleaning of floor surfaces, according to type 
• All Windows, on Arrival Services (included in Arrival Service price)
• Cleaning of all cupboards and cupboard doors, fans, doors, handles, and mirrors. 
• Cleaning of kitchen, including stove, oven, fridge and appliances 
• Fridges will be turned down, off or left on, as per client’s preference. 
• TV`s are always put on standby or left on, as per client’s preference.
• Kitchen and bar area- cleaned and maintained 
• Removal of rubbish. 
• Cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms and toilets. 
• Periodically all the cushions and carpets/rugs will be washed, to keep it smelling fresh. The carpets/rugs, curtains, mattresses, and lounge or dining room suite will be invoiced separately and only after approval from our client. 
• Cleaning of patio and reporting on swimming pool status.
• Switching off the geysers and air cons - to save you money and activating of alarms were applicable. 
• Water mains will be put off after departures if requested by client.
• A maintenance report will be send to clients after each departure service, indicating breakages, maintenance concerns and potential security issues.
• Geysers, air cons and fridges are switched on during arrival services, unless otherwise indicated by clients. 
• Each unit is checked for cleanliness, breakages and maintenance issues by two managers separately to ensure the highest possible standard of cleaning. 
• Area managers further complete a security/ safety report for each unit visited, to ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked and alarms are activated, this report is also sent to clients.

All cleaning staff are highly trained to ISO9001 standards, screened and uniformed. 
Cleaners are provided with SABS approved, environmentally friendly, equipment and chemicals to perform their duties. 
All services provided is checked by Supervisors and re-checked by Area Managers, to ensure the highest possible standard of cleaning. 
All cleaning staff attend regular “refresher” training sessions to keep them on par and to introduce any new cleaning methods and trends that arise within the industry.

Welcome Packs are placed in each unit during the Arrival Service, the Welcome Pack consists of a 100ml dish liquid, 1 x dish swab,
1 x dish pad, refuse bag and 1 x toilet roll per toilet.

Daily Maid Services are to be booked 24Hrs before service is required to assure availability

Comprehensive Maintenance/Breakage reports are done after each Departure and is sent to Owners within 3 to 4 days of a departure
any serious or immediate problems are also reported directly upon discovery to Owners, in case of Back to Back bookings, Owners 
are informed of breakages/maintenance issues immediately.
Cancellations must be done at least 24Hrs before commencement of services - to avoid cancellation fee of R150.00.

Disclaimer: 1. Budget Cleaners accepts no responsibility for any theft, damages or loss of/to property or goods in the serviced units. Although keys are strictly controlled, Budget Cleaners cannot be held 
responsible for loss or damage incurred to owners property that may arise from the unauthorized possession or loss of keys.
2. Laundry is inspected by Budget cleaners when removed from units and again when replaced during services. All Laundry is outsourced to MR WASH therefore the quality of service rests with MR WASH and only 
MR WASH, any damage or loss to laundry after removal is the responsibility of MR WASH.
3. Maintenance is not done by Budget Cleaners and although we endeavour to use only reputable contractors, all maintenance done at units are between the contractor involved and the Owner of the unit, Budget
Cleaners cannot guarantee the quality of work done or the speedy completion of work, as these contractors are independent and does not work for Budget Cleaners
By contracting Budget Cleaners to provide services you accept and agree to the above terms and conditions.