We make sure everyone – management and team members – is totally focussed on meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations and providing thorough, efficient, reliable home cleaning with every visit.



We make sure our staff are trained to treat our customers (and fellow employees) the way we would like to be treated.   This includes always having empathy for our clients;  understanding their needs and feelings; offering them reliable house cleaning; being efficient, friendly and courteous; treating every customer fairly and with respect; being open and honest in all of our communications.  We will respond to customers’ needs, requests, concerns and complaints regarding our premium cleaning services in a timely, polite, caring, friendly and professional manner.



We will provide the most thorough cleaning of your home of any company in the industry.  When our teams leave customers’ homes,  they  will  have  peace of mind knowing that they and their families have received the healthiest,  most  thorough clean possible, by a team of people who clearly cared about the quality of their work.  The house will smell clean, look clean and feel clean.

Everywhere customers look, they will see the evidence of our premium cleaning service and know  that they have just received the finest, most professional and reliable house cleaning in the entire industry!

We are committed to ensuring that customers choosing our premium cleaning services trust us, are loyal to us and are so pleased with our services that 96% of them feel confident saying : “I am proud to recommend Budget Cleaners to my friends and relatives for care taking and cleaning!”